Supply Chains Sustainable Due Diligence &

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about us

ESG-mate collects and assess quantitative and qualitative information to help you make supply chains sustainable.
Hundreds of smartly selected parameters to let you control your company's actual or potential adverse impact, control risks and plan corrective actions.

Ongoing chain control

Assess and Monitor ongoing supply risk with ESG-mate scoring system and get alerts when potential threats arise.
Automate system decisions to make your company’s impact positive.

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Partner assessment

Direct contacts and on-site audits, predictive analysis and benchmarking, how-to-improve consulting.
We can help your supplier meet your new requirements.

SDD compliance

Comply with supply chain regulation and make progress on ESG initiatives. Our data covers all your needs to comply with CSRD, SFDR, CS3D, EBA pillar 3 ESG.

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why ESG-mate?
  • Build a responsible supply chain

    Analyze your multi-tier supplier network to monitor all partners and third parties for regulatory violations and other unethical business practices.

  • Improve ant track progress over time

    Maximize investment in existing systems by adding risk insights and exact information to decrease potential adverse impact.

  • Preserve brand and reputation

    Avoid brand damage from unethical supplier practices and drive internal sustainable initiatives saving costs and resources.

  • High level of confidence

    Methodology aligned with international standards, best practices and legislation.

  • Easy to use

    Adjustable scorecards can be customized and optimized on your needs.

  • Useful for your partners

    Not only analysis, we also help to improve and find solutions

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